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We select our clothes, furniture, interiors, paintings and many more things very carefully, but while maintaining them don’t give much thought to an unseen, silent but deadly enemy – excessive moisture or humidity. Which leads to musty smells, green irksome dots, and growth of mold or fungus etc etc….?

In fact the level of moisture/humidity in the home is crucial to achieving a healthy home environment.
Too little moisture in the home can cause dryness of the nose and respiratory systems, while too much moisture in the home contributes to numerous health impacts, health hazards, and structural home damages. Asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illness are the main health impacts to children and other residents of homes with excessive moisture. It also causes or contributes to other hazards to human health such as mold, cockroaches, dust mites, and peeling off lead paint etc.

To protect you and your valuables from excessive moisture/humidity, AMFAH Dehumidifier's are the most effective protection for the above daily life troubles. With Amfah Dehumidifier, you can have complete peace of mind, protecting and enhancing the life of your expensive interiors, paintings/arts, furniture, costly equipments etc along with healthy living environment within your home.

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