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Importance of Dehumidifier's for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality sectors covers various segments like restaurants, hotels, lodging and boarding, cruise lines, amusement and theme parks etc. Each segment has its own tools & equipments which require continuous maintenance for giving the best quality services to your guests. Humidity issues are surely the worse nightmare for the hospitality industry. With the increase in Global warming, humidity issues are faced by each and every segment of the industry and the world as a whole.

Need for a Dehumidifier for Hotels & Resorts

Increase in humidity could lead to condensation and increased moisture on the walls & ceiling surfaces. It hampers the décor of the rooms with spotting issues caused by constant water droplets setting in. They spoil the whole look and feel of the newly done up rooms, its ambience, artifacts etc leading to discoloration due to condensation. Increased in humidity sets in on the wooden furniture as well, leading to a swell in the furniture as well as it leaves it with a musty odor. As the hotel guest rooms generally have closed ambience, which leads to limited air flow leading to high humidity issues. The external atmosphere and internal air-conditioned set ups leads to temperature differences causing sweating walls. All these cause an increase in the humidity levels which induces the growth of microbial and fungal growth on the hotel linen, curtains, walls etc leaving a stench around which hampers the guest’s stay experience and renders the hotel housekeeping unhygienic.

The hotel equipments and tools like hotel Televisions, LCD’s , kettle services, cutlery, microwave, housekeeping tools etc are majorly affected by humidity setting on them rendering it faulty for use. Even for Resorts, the various segments like Gymnasiums, Spas and Restaurants need the right level of humidity. Increase in humidity would crop in problems like smelly, puffy rooms, unhygienic feel, microbial growth, unhygienic cooking, inconvenience to the end customers and unpleasant guest experience overall. AMFAH Dehumidifier's help in preventing such unpleasant experiences by keeping the RH (Relative Humidity) level in control thus ensuring the customers have a pleasant stay at your hotel and resorts.

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