Best Dehumidifier's for Basement

Dehumidifier's for Basement Dampness

A basement is such an area of a building or a structure that is seldom free from humidity issues. The major source for such moisture accumulation in the basement area is the moisture content of the concrete after construction, humid air blowing from the external environment and condensing on cooler surface and liquid water from rain or groundwater. The entire moisture content is transferred from the external environment to the basement of a building by liquid water flow, capillary suction, air movement and vapor diffusion. Sometimes it could be a case where the house and basement could be built structurally but it fails to handle water drainage. All these humidity issues cause sweating walls, dampness settling in the basement walls and ceilings, saturated base of concrete block walls, humid air blowing in etc.

Summer generally witnesses condensation on the walls and floor from the hot air blowing in. Increase in humidity also leads to a lingering musty odor in the basement making it very uncomfortable to breathe. It majorly induces the growth of mold, microbes, fungus & mildew. Carpet area and wooden articles are deteriorated by the increase in water content and moisture in the interior environment, black dots and staining on the walls are also a common sight in the basement area due to increase in moisture content in the air.

Dehumidifier's for basement are the best systematic approach to solve these humidity issues. AMFAH Dehumidifier's are regarded as the best basement dampness dehumidifier that helps to control the relative humidity (RH) up to 50% in the basement therefore discouraging unwanted growth and musty odor. The increase in humidity can not only affect the interior environment but also has adverse health risks like nasal congestion, respiratory issues, skin problems due to the increase in mite population, mold and fungus in the environment therefore the need for a best basement dampness dehumidifier is a must to prevent such health hazards and to protect the basement structure.

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