Best Dehumidifier's for Art Galleries & Preservation

Dehumidifier for Art Galleries & Preservation

An art museum or gallery generally consists of an exhibition space with art objects, sculptures, furniture, textiles, drawings, pastels, watercolours, collages, prints, artistic books, decorative arts, costumes, metal art forms & photographs.

Humidity is a major concern in order to safeguard and protect the art work against the presence of increased moisture in the environment. Increase in the moisture content could lead to deterioration of the art work, papers and canvases.
Change in the temperature and relative humidity can cause the material to corrode, swell or warp and lose its value thus degrading the value of the art work. Preservation of these art works from the harsh humidity issues are a major concern for all art galleries.Dehumidifier's for preservation of these art works are the best solution to solve these problems.

AMFAH Dehumidifier's are the most effective way of controlling the relative humidity level at art galleries & museums. Using this Dehumidifier for art galleries and preservation of the art work is very convenient and hassle free. It helps to protect from the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites due to excessive moisture in the air. These dehumidifiers help to eradicate dampness caused by increase in relative humidity; it protects the art work from getting degraded. It can set the environment humidity to the right level thus protecting the art work at all time. Setting the right level of humidity in an art gallery is a must in order to restrict the wooden and metal artifacts from developing black spots thus making them brittle. Condensation on the canvas can lead to fungal growth thus eroding the paintings and discolouration of the same. AMFAH Dehumidifier fits in best to protect from all these humidity issues.

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