AMFAH - FRAL 44L/62L/96L

In 3 different Heavy Duty models Commercial Dehumidifier Range with Metal Body from Italy.


FRAL 44L/62L/96L, Heavy Duty range of Portable Dehumidifier's are the widest range of portable commercial dehumidifiers with Metal casing designed for numberless single or combined Applications (fast drying of new constructions or restoration), in any room and place like museum, libraries, packaging rooms, Hospitals, food processing small shops, big basements and laundries or for any use. Its metal casting shell makes the FRAL Dehumidifier range sturdy and free from Physical damages from the new / novice users or rough Handling.



Dehumidification capacity : 44L / 62L / 96L per 24H*. (32° C – 80 %RH)
Tank capacity : 9/12/15 L
Ready to use, Plug & Play.
Heavy Duty Commercial- FRAL. Italy 
Manual Control.
Complete Metal body.
Portable with casters.
Full Tank Alarm. 
Continuous operation with hose. 
Automatic Defrosting. 
Nature Friendly Green Gas (R410a)