Aquaria Thermo 22

Powerfull dehumidifier that combines dehumidification, filtering and auxiliary heating that helps in clothes drying

Design King & Miranda


Aquaria thermo 22 dehumidifies, purifies and heats. The built-in 1000 W electrical heating element dehumidifies and heats with reduced dehumidification time, and it is also an important help to speed up the drying of the clothes. Equipped with 3 different filtering modes, used individually or combined, an electronic LED display to adjust the humidity level, castor wheels, handle and a push-pull panel that gives access to the large semi-transparent tank (3.5 L water). It can also be used in cold environments (min 2°C). Continuous condensate removal.
Designed by King & Miranda


Dehumidification capacity: 22 l / 24 h*
Electric resistance: 1000 W
Tank capacity: 3,5 l
Digital control
LCD Display
Full tank alarm
Constant condensation disposal
Electronic defrosting device
Hidden tank with push-pull panel
Water tank with handle for easier transport and emptying
Visible water level
Cable winder

Dehumidifiable volume: 200 m³

*32° C - 80 %RH


A triple filtering system that combines:
a carbon-active filter (which eliminates bad odours and inactivates any harmful gases)
HEPA filter (traps particles that are a few micron in diameter)
photocatalytic filter (which sterilizes the air by eliminating  a high pecentage of bacteria and viruses)

It combines dehumidifcation and heating thanks a 1000 W element that reduces the dehumification time

Multifunction electronic panel, to set the desired humidity level and activate the Drying
mode; moreover, Aquaria Thermo 22 is equipped with back-lit LCD display to view humidity level and
ambient temperature.